Aunt Susan's @ Home Critter Care   

  Caring for your animal children when you can't be there!

Welcome To Aunt Susan's @ Home Critter Care!

Your Critters should be at home. NOT a kennel

Don't leave your animal children in a kennel when you're away from home. 

I have worked in kennels and as a veterinary assistant for 10+ years. During this time I have seen, first hand, how stressed most animals are when they are left in a kennel. 
  • Typically cats huddle in the back of their cages, and try to hide in the litter box.
  • Dogs pace back and forth, barking non stop. 
  • Many pets end up with stress related diarrhea. 
It's been my experience that some people I've worked with view taking care of people's pets as strictly a job.

To me caring for your pets is a passion! I feel that in most cases your pets are better off in their own homes. I want to offer you that option and someone you, and your critter family can trust. Instead of leaving your pets at a kennel when you are away, on business or on vacation. Aunt Susan will come to your home and care for your animal children when you can't be there.
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Aunt Susan's is a proud supporter of the SPCA of Anne Arundel County.

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